shanghai far east card clothing co., ltd (fecc), its predecessor -- yuan dong card clothing factory was established in 1931. it is the largest domestic specialized enterprise of textile carding accessory & spare part manufacturer at present even in far east region. fecc is also the deputy-leading unit of chinese textile machinery association (ctma) card clothing brach.
fecc now mainly involves in producing flexible card clothing, metallic card clothing, ring traveller, textile pin, rubber strip, textile rubber product, spindle & flange ring for spinning, stationary top (fixed-flat), toothed ensemble cylinder, topcomb pin set, textile auxiliary machine and etc., with rich assortments, numerous specifications and good salability.

  management objectives
foremost quality
customer, the supreme
high trustworthiness
   managment idea

for long history, we service customs and go forward together now, for the consummate technology we will take outstanding service and over-repayment to customs.

   omnipresent service

from quotation, order to trace productive process, we will provide excellent service and products.